A Leap of Faith

Moon and Earth

“My belt holds up my pants and my pants have belt loops that hold up the belt. What the f***’s really goin’ on down there? Who is the real hero?” – comedian Mitch Hedberg

To prove my point, we went back to our dorm room and began randomly selecting names from the campus phone book. We called about 30 people and asked each this question: http://blog.sciencegeekgirl.com/

  1. If you’re standing on the Moon holding a pen, and you let go, will it
    a) float away,
    b) float where it is,
    or c) fall to the ground?

About 47 percent got this question correct. Of the ones who got it wrong, we asked the obvious follow-up question:

  1. You’ve seen films of the APOLLO astronauts walking around on the Moon, why didn’t they fall off?

About 20 percent of the people changed their answer to the first question when they heard this one! But the most amazing part was that about half of them confidently answered, “Because they were wearing heavy boots.”

“Love is the absence of fear.” –Bible

  • We normally associate love with something tangible: a hug or kiss.
  • In order to feel loved on the moon, it brings you to a love of science.
  • It’s only then that you can take a leap of faith.  From the spaceship to the foreign soil, enjoy God’s presence.


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