Calculating the Speed of Light with Chocolate

There is a new level of fun I discovered today.

For the last ten years, I was a hermit.  I never left the house, rarely intentionally met with people.  I really had no friends.  This realization came to me a few years ago after my grandmother passed away.  The thought that I had no friends was more devastating than not going out to see people.  For the past ten years, I didn’t attend a birthday party, go dancing, traveling, or stay up past midnight like most 20 year old’s do.  I felt disconnected from society, even with people I had known for years because I didn’t fall into the “norm.”  Some accused me of being depressed and I pushed back saying that they were accusing me of having a mental problem.  In reality, I was providing nursing home care at home.  So…back to the present.


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