Help in Times of Trouble

Since hearing about my job offer, it has been one week.  The following day was Wednesday, so I had planned a bunch of things.  I picked up my check from AAA for the loss from our (actually, my mom’s) previous accident, I submitted one of my last assignments for my first BTSA class online at SDSU (Yay!  My professor, Mrs. Rodenburg, was pretty great.  The class was exactly what I needed: informative and not overwhelming.  It was one assignment per week, without unreasonable grading, she gave lots of affirmation and encouragement rather than “schooling” us).  I also had planned a lunch with two former teachers I worked with in my long term assignment.  They were incredibly gracious, despite seeing and witnessing first hand the goings on in my notorious 5th period last semester.  I couldn’t be more grateful.  I received an email from another teacher I worked with because I had requested to see her PPTs for life science during lunch.  I called her that evening but I wasn’t very good at communicating my needs to her.  This put me in a depression the next day and I don’t remember much of what happened Thursday I had a day off.  Friday was my grandma’s anniversary.  I woke up late, around 11ish, and went to visit her.  I read the Bible and prayed, which is not regular nowadays, but I can when I’m with my grandma.  Then I went to read and study at Bricks and Scones.  I got angry at my mom for no other reason than that I was unproductive and irritable.  Saturday, I went to the hair salon and enjoyed the food faire at 626 Night Market with Michelle.  Sunday, I went to Mosaic Church and took a long nap.  It was a mostly unproductive week.  I was frustrated and anxious, despite accepting the job offer.  Today is Monday, and the knot is uncoiling slowly.  My boss at the hagwon said I could work half days until the end of July, which was very thoughtful.  One of my former co-workers called to check up on me.  I got to vent a little about the immense burden to lesson plan, which makes me seem like a teacher 0.000000000000001%.  A breath.


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