I Got the Job!

Hello, internet!  My stats so far: 0 views.

I was offered the job yesterday.  Today is my mom’s 61st birthday.  Day after tomorrow is my Grandma’s passing away anniversary and also the deadline I gave the Principal my decision to accept the position.  That’s Friday.  The day after is July 4th.  I’ve recently used the adage, “When it rains, it pours.”  Several weeks ago, my mom got in a car accident.  That day her wallet was stolen, which caused the confusion, which caused the accident.  It was also the one month during 20 years of AAA membership, we missed a payment and unbeknownst to her, she did not have auto insurance.  After some emotional rollercoaster, the insurance was resolved.  However, I was wondering, “God, why all these things at once?”  I’m in a similar situation on the other side of things.  Suddenly, I have an overwhelming workload: 2 new classes for BTSA, summer program for hagwon, and a year’s worth of lessons in one month!  Until now, I’ve mostly been holed up in my room watching Korean dramas.  For once, I don’t have a drama to watch, which was a little irritating, but it was my life.  It’s been my life for a long time – being anti-social and dragging my feet at the thought of responsibility.  I made a small effort today by talking with a couple teachers from my long term assignment.  But I really don’t know if I can take on the load this school will require.  I don’t know where I can sum up the confidence to know I will do a good job.  If the school knew what I was writing, I’m sure they would not want me.  I will not delve into why I will accept the position nonetheless.  When the auto insurance issue was resolved, I realized why God allowed all the problems to occur simultaneously.  He said, “You can do this.”


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