A Leap of Faith

Moon and Earth

“My belt holds up my pants and my pants have belt loops that hold up the belt. What the f***’s really goin’ on down there? Who is the real hero?” – comedian Mitch Hedberg

To prove my point, we went back to our dorm room and began randomly selecting names from the campus phone book. We called about 30 people and asked each this question: http://blog.sciencegeekgirl.com/

  1. If you’re standing on the Moon holding a pen, and you let go, will it
    a) float away,
    b) float where it is,
    or c) fall to the ground?

About 47 percent got this question correct. Of the ones who got it wrong, we asked the obvious follow-up question:

  1. You’ve seen films of the APOLLO astronauts walking around on the Moon, why didn’t they fall off?

About 20 percent of the people changed their answer to the first question when they heard this one! But the most amazing part was that about half of them confidently answered, “Because they were wearing heavy boots.”

“Love is the absence of fear.” –Bible

  • We normally associate love with something tangible: a hug or kiss.
  • In order to feel loved on the moon, it brings you to a love of science.
  • It’s only then that you can take a leap of faith.  From the spaceship to the foreign soil, enjoy God’s presence.


Calculating the Speed of Light with Chocolate

There is a new level of fun I discovered today.

For the last ten years, I was a hermit.  I never left the house, rarely intentionally met with people.  I really had no friends.  This realization came to me a few years ago after my grandmother passed away.  The thought that I had no friends was more devastating than not going out to see people.  For the past ten years, I didn’t attend a birthday party, go dancing, traveling, or stay up past midnight like most 20 year old’s do.  I felt disconnected from society, even with people I had known for years because I didn’t fall into the “norm.”  Some accused me of being depressed and I pushed back saying that they were accusing me of having a mental problem.  In reality, I was providing nursing home care at home.  So…back to the present.

Help in Times of Trouble

Since hearing about my job offer, it has been one week.  The following day was Wednesday, so I had planned a bunch of things.  I picked up my check from AAA for the loss from our (actually, my mom’s) previous accident, I submitted one of my last assignments for my first BTSA class online at SDSU (Yay!  My professor, Mrs. Rodenburg, was pretty great.  The class was exactly what I needed: informative and not overwhelming.  It was one assignment per week, without unreasonable grading, she gave lots of affirmation and encouragement rather than “schooling” us).  I also had planned a lunch with two former teachers I worked with in my long term assignment.  They were incredibly gracious, despite seeing and witnessing first hand the goings on in my notorious 5th period last semester.  I couldn’t be more grateful.  I received an email from another teacher I worked with because I had requested to see her PPTs for life science during lunch.  I called her that evening but I wasn’t very good at communicating my needs to her.  This put me in a depression the next day and I don’t remember much of what happened Thursday I had a day off.  Friday was my grandma’s anniversary.  I woke up late, around 11ish, and went to visit her.  I read the Bible and prayed, which is not regular nowadays, but I can when I’m with my grandma.  Then I went to read and study at Bricks and Scones.  I got angry at my mom for no other reason than that I was unproductive and irritable.  Saturday, I went to the hair salon and enjoyed the food faire at 626 Night Market with Michelle.  Sunday, I went to Mosaic Church and took a long nap.  It was a mostly unproductive week.  I was frustrated and anxious, despite accepting the job offer.  Today is Monday, and the knot is uncoiling slowly.  My boss at the hagwon said I could work half days until the end of July, which was very thoughtful.  One of my former co-workers called to check up on me.  I got to vent a little about the immense burden to lesson plan, which makes me seem like a teacher 0.000000000000001%.  A breath.

I Got the Job!

Hello, internet!  My stats so far: 0 views.

I was offered the job yesterday.  Today is my mom’s 61st birthday.  Day after tomorrow is my Grandma’s passing away anniversary and also the deadline I gave the Principal my decision to accept the position.  That’s Friday.  The day after is July 4th.  I’ve recently used the adage, “When it rains, it pours.”  Several weeks ago, my mom got in a car accident.  That day her wallet was stolen, which caused the confusion, which caused the accident.  It was also the one month during 20 years of AAA membership, we missed a payment and unbeknownst to her, she did not have auto insurance.  After some emotional rollercoaster, the insurance was resolved.  However, I was wondering, “God, why all these things at once?”  I’m in a similar situation on the other side of things.  Suddenly, I have an overwhelming workload: 2 new classes for BTSA, summer program for hagwon, and a year’s worth of lessons in one month!  Until now, I’ve mostly been holed up in my room watching Korean dramas.  For once, I don’t have a drama to watch, which was a little irritating, but it was my life.  It’s been my life for a long time – being anti-social and dragging my feet at the thought of responsibility.  I made a small effort today by talking with a couple teachers from my long term assignment.  But I really don’t know if I can take on the load this school will require.  I don’t know where I can sum up the confidence to know I will do a good job.  If the school knew what I was writing, I’m sure they would not want me.  I will not delve into why I will accept the position nonetheless.  When the auto insurance issue was resolved, I realized why God allowed all the problems to occur simultaneously.  He said, “You can do this.”